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05-09-'16 2nd World title for Klompenhouwer

Therese Klompenhouwer has won her 2nd World title in Guri-Korea. She won the final against Mee Rae Lee from Korea,with shoot-outs 2-0.

21-06-'16 Therese Klompenhouwer winner of European Ladies cup

Therese Klompenhouwer keeps winning! Last weekend she won the 1st edition of the European Ladies Cup, in Rosmalen-Holland. This cup is a replacement for the European Championship ladies, which doesn't excist anymore. Klompenhouwer had no problems at all in the group and won all 3 of her games. In the quarter-final she had no trouble with Marianne Mortensen: 30-18. The semi-final was a good game against Karina Jetten: 30-15 in 24 innings. But she saved the best for last. In the final she beat the Turkish Gulsen Degener with 30-16 in only 20 innings. Again a good tournament for Klompenhouwer with a general average of 1,107.

26-04-'16 Therese Klompenhouwer winner of Ladies Crazy Diamond XXL tournament

Therese Klompenhouwer has won the first edition of the Ladies Crazy Diamond XXL 3cushion Tournament. The tournament has been played in Roosendaal, Holland, with 30 players. The points to be made were different for all players and based on their current average. Therese had to make the most points with 26. After a bad first day, Therese was the number 15 of the ranking. The 2nd day she speed up a little and won both games in 18 and 16 innings, which was enough for the best 8. In the quarter final she had no problems with Natasja Damen (10 points). Therese beat her with 26-2 in 20 innings. The semi final was more exciting. She won her game against Ineke Kooistra by one point 26-13 in 19. The final against Danielle Le Bruyn (16 points) again no problems for Therese: 26-9 in 19. She received the cup from Esmé Willems and Francine van Yperen, the 2 ladies who organized the tournament. 

02-11-'15 8th National title for Therese Klompenhouwer

She won her 8th National title in a row last weekend at Camping 'de Eekhoorn' in Oosterhout. Therese Klompenhouwer was the absolute favourite and again she showed why. Without any problems she became first in her group. Also in the quarter - and Semi finals she had no problems and won both games with 30-11. The final, which she played against Gerrie Geelen, was a little more difficult. The game was excited until 19 points, but at a score of 19-19, Therese made some good runs and took the lead with 27-20. She ended the game with a run of 3 and a final score of 30-21, which made her Dutch champion for the 8th time. With a general average of 1,037 she was high above the rest. Also the best game (1,363) and the highest run (9) went to Therese. 

05-05-'15 6th European title for Therese Klompenhouwer

Therese Klompenhouwer won the European championship last weekend, for 6 times in a row. She beat the Turkish Gulsen Degener in the final with 30-18 in 22 innings. Therese had no problems during the whole tournament. Nobody could come near her and without any threat she won her 6th title. It has been a good season for Therese, earlier this season she won the Dutch- and the World title. She also played in the main tournament of a World Cup.

03-11-'14 7th Dutch title for Therese Klompenhouwer

Last weekend Therese Klompenhouwer has won her 7th Dutch title 3cushion for women. She had no problems playing herself into the final, where she beat Karina Jetten with 30-20 in 25 innings.

01-11-'14 Therese Klompenhouwer appointed as Ambassador of Dutch Federation

The Dutch Billiard Federation has appointed Therese Klompenhouwer as Ambassador of the section 3cushion of the KNBB. As appreciation of her professionalism and commitment towards the game of 3cushion she received the Golden Honour Pin of the KNBB.

26-10-'14 Therese Klompenhouwer World Champion Ladies

Therese Klompenhouwer is the new World champion Ladies 3cushion! In Sinop-Turkey, she won her first World title against the Japanese Yuko Nishimoto with 25-15 in 24 innings. Therese was the big favourite and after many years of hard work, she finaly has the title. She was never in danger and dominated the whole tournament. She played a general average of 1,103. "I dreamed so many times of this moment. Now I finaly have the World title, I feel releived and happy. I am going to enjoy this moment for a long time."

20-01-'14 Results Biljartpoint Masters 2014

06-01-'14 Groups Dutch Biljartpoint Masters

The groups of the Dutch Biljartpoint Masters 2014, which will be held from 16 to 19 January in Kaatsheuvel, are:

Group A: D. Jaspers, J. van Erp, B. van Manen and D. Christiani
Group B: B. van Beers, H. van de Ven, E. Kivits and A. Demming
Group C: R. Burgman, JP. de Bruijn, M. van der Spoel and T. Klompenhouwer
Group D: G. Hofman, F. van Schaik, J. Jorissen and H. Wilkowski

For more information go to:

18-11-'13 Therese Klompenhouwer qualified for Dutch Masters

She had only one last chance to qualify herself for the Dutch Masters, the best 16 of the Netherlands in 3cushion.

The Dutch and European champion women Therese Klompenhouwer, was on the 18th place after 3 grand prix tournaments. She had to play herself with the best 16 of this 4th and last grand prix in Capelle ad Ijssel and hopefully the nrs. 16 and 17 wouldn't. Klompenhouwer had no problems in the qualification round and qualified for the main tournament. The nr. 17 of the rankinglist, Sander Jonen from Amsterdam didn't, so she was a little bit closer to the Masters. 
Klompenhouwer came in a tough group with Wim vd Berg, Jean van Erp and the nr 2 of Holland Dave Christiani. She lost in a close match against Jean van Erp, but managed to beat Wim vd Berg ánd surprisely also Dave Christiani. She did what she had to do and was with the best 16 of this Grand prix. The day after the nr. 16 of the rankinglist, Herman Slikker had to play. He didn't play well and lost 2 out of 3, so he was out to! So that gave Klompenhouwer a ticket to the Dutch Masters.

Klompenhouwer: " I dreamed of this scenario, but never thought it would really happen. I knew I was in a difficult group with van Erp and Christiani and I am proud I went on to the best 16, by beating Dave Christiani. I am the Dutch champion women, but the level with the men is much higher. If you can achieve to be with the best 16, that is great! And I did it. I did what I had to do and the others didn't, so I deserve my place. I am very happy." In the 1/8 final she lost against good old Frans van Schaik, but that couldn't spoil the happiness.

The Dutch Masters will be organized from 16-19 January 2014 in Kaatsheuvel. Jean Paul de Bruijn defends his title. Dick Jaspers in the current nr. 1 of the Rankinglist.

04-11-'13 Therese lompenhouwer Dutch champion 6 times in a row

Therese Klompenhouwer has won the National title in 3cushion for women for the 6th time in a row. She beat Karina Jetten in the final with 30-15 in 20 innings. In the first two games in her group Therese finisht her games in 21 and 24 innings (25 points) In her 3rd game she played a new record against Joke Breur: she made her 25 points in only 10 innings! A record she shares with Karina Jetten now. Also the quarter final and semi final were a win for Therese and in the final she was to strong for Karina. Therese played a new personal record, her general average was 1,170. She never managed to win a Dutch championship with this kind of average and confidence. The Dutch championship has been organized 6 times and nobody ever has beaten Therese.


22-09-'13 Groups Dutch Championship Women

The groups for the upcoming Dutch Championship for women are announced. Group A: Therese Klompenhouwer, Anja Verbogt, Joke Breur and Cora van der Eijnden. Group B: Karina Jetten, Loes Schilder-Van Dansik, Ineke Kooistra and Marlous van Riel-De Graaff. Group C: Sylvia Eckel, Monique van Exter, Mieke Schenkels and Bianca Hermans. Group D: Monique Wilkowski-Van Hamond, Gerrie Geelen, Hanny Hultermans and Celina Wolfs. The championship will be held in Camping 'De Eekhoorn' in Oosterhout, from 1-3 November. The games will start on Friday 1 november at 13.30 hour.

19-07-'13 Therese Klompenhouwer wins USBA Women Invitational Tournament in New York

Therese Klompenhouwer has won the USBA Women Invitational Tournament in New York, USA, which was held from 14-16 of July. She won the tournament without any loss. 11 competitors, who all played a game against eachother to 25 points. A strong field among some strong names: Natsumi Higashiuchi, current World champion. Orie Hida, 3 times World champion. Karina Jetten, number 2 of Europe. Namiko Hayashi, finalist at the Femina Open in Belgium last May. And Therese Klompenhouwer, 5 times European Champion. Klompenhouwer had a difficult start but won all of her 7 games at day 1 and 2. At the last day all the stronger players had to play against eachother. Klompenhouwer saved the best for last: She won easily against Higashiuchi with 25-15 in 17 innings. Also Karina Jetten had no chance and lost against Klompenhouwer with 25-12 in 20 innings. And in the final she beat Orie Hida, who also won all of her games untill then, with 25-16 in 17 innings. For the second time in a row Klompenhouwer won the tournament in New York, without loosing any game.

13-05-'13 Daniëlle Le Bruyn champion of Belgium

Last weekend Daniëlle Le Bruyn has won the Belgian Championship 3cushion for women. She beat Jamie Buelens in the final. The owner of Café and Billiard 'De Ploeg' played a home game, because after organizing a women's tournament from Worldclass, the AEJ Femina Belgian Open, from 3-5 of May, she also took the organizing of the Belgian Championship on her shoulders, last weekend. Le Bruyn won this home game and left the Belgian title in Halle-Zoersel. 2nd is Jamie Buelens, 3rd Karolien Matthys, 4th Sandra de Letter and 5th Sandra Verbruggen.

From right to left: Le Bruyn, Buelens, Matthys, De Letter and Verbruggen
Photo: Dirk Acx


06-05-'13 Therese Klompenhouwer winner AEJ Femina Belgian Open

HALLE-ZOERSEL - Therese Klompenhouwer has showed once again she is the best player in the world of three cushion. The Dutch player won the Femina Belgian Open in a final against the Japanese Namiko Hayashi (30-17 in 31) and was in a strong field superior from the start. The only conclusion can be that the European champion is the world’s best, although she has not won that title in her career.

With her average she dominated nevertheless all the other players in the Femina Open with top players as the two Japanese girls, Karina Jetten, Gülsen Degener and Danielle le Bruyn. Therese finished with 0.987. The Japanese world champion, Natsumi Higashiuchi, was already outplayed in the semifinals and averaged only 0.581.

,,That’s what I explained after the World championship in Tokyo: a jet lag and the fatigue factor play a major role in such an event, as is was for us when we played in Tokyo,'' said Klompenhouwer, referring to her disappointing performance in Japan.

The world’s gold she didn’t win so far, all other tournaments in which Therese Klompenhouwer played, she was by far the best. The Dutch championship, the European championships in Brandenburg, a title with her team in Belgium, promotion with her team to the top division in the Netherlands and now the Belgian Open, a tournament with a world class line-up.

The Japanese girls came up to the semifinals, in which Natsumi Higashiuchi eventually was eliminated by the other Japanese girl. The world champion from Tokyo could not show her class during the Femina Open. Namiko Hayashi, her compatriot, won the match 25-22, in a very moderate performance (41 innings).

Therese Klompenhouwer and Karina Jetten played a tough match in the other semifinal. ,,It was my hardest game,'' said Klompenhouwer later. ,,We both played very defensively and got bad positions. But in a tournament like this, the win is more important than the average. So I could not maintain the average of the first day.''

In the final against Hayashi, the Dutch player made a quick gap and built it up to a comfortable lead. ,,Near the end, I was some sloppy, I could have finished earlier’’, she said later.

The prize money (thousand euros) was a nice boost, but to win the tournament was much more important. ,,It really feels a bit like revenge for the World championship,'' Therese said.

,,I want to emphasize that it was a fantastic organization, an example for many other tournaments.’’
The next mission is on high level again: in New York (15 and 16 July) Klompenhouwer will meet two Asian top players: Natsumi Higashiuchi and Orie Hida.

The final score of the Femina Belgian Open (top eight with averages and runs):
1 Therese Klompenhouwer, 0.987-8
2 Namiko Hayashi 0.700-6
3 Karina Jetten 0.727-7
4 Natsumi Higashuchi 0.581-5
5 Marianne Mortensen 0.617-4
6 Gülsen Degener 0.604-6
7 Danielle le Bruyn 0.507-7
8 Jaimie Buelens 0.507-7.

Jutta Aschenbach won the tournament on the small table with 0.521 average ahead of Sandra Verbruggen, Karine Jennen and Martine Goethint. In the tournament free game Angeline Marine was the winner with 3.00 average.

16-04-'13 Fifth European title in a row for Therese Klompenhouwer

Therese Klompenhouwer has won her fifth European title in a row, last weekend in Brandenburg,Germany. Therese didn't had any problems defending her title this tournament. She played herself without any problems to her fifth European victory. Therese won all of her 3 games in the group. She played her best game in the last game of her group. It was a clear victory against Helga Mitterbock from Austria: 30-3 in just 12 innings, which gave her an average of 2,083. In the quarter-final she beat Ingrid Englbrecht from Austria with 30-6 in 32 innings. In the semi-final she had no problems against the Turkish Gulsen Degener. The score was 30-11 in 29 innings. The final became a Dutch final. Therese Klompenhouwer vs. Karina Jetten. Also this game there were no problems for Therese and she won the final with 30-12 in 31 innings. She played a general average of 1,012. For all the results go to www.eurobillard.org.


Photo taken by Marianne Mortensen

15-01-'13 Karina Jetten and Therese Klompenhouwer play European Championship

The numbers 1 and 2 of the last Dutch championship for women, will be participating at the European championship, which will be played from 12 to 14 of April in Brandenburg-Germany. European and Dutch champion Therese Klompenhouwer will defend her title. Karina Jetten is the runner-up in Holland and she will be the second Dutch player. Monique van Hamond is the number 3, but it is not sure yet if she will play. That depends on how many women the other countries will inscripe.

25-11-'12 Natsumi Higishiuchi new World champion women

The 30 years old Natsumi Higashiuchi from Japan is the new world champion 3cushion for women. In the final she had no problems with the other Japanese finalist Yuko Nishimoto and she won 25-15 in 19 innings. The old world champion Orie Hida didn't get thrue the groupstage. Also big favourite Therese Klompenhouwer lost her game in the quarter final against Nishimoto. For all the results go to www.umb.org.

05-11-'12 5th National title Therese Klompenhouwer with new record

OOSTERHOUT – Therese Klompenhouwer has won her 5th National title in 3cushion for women. She beat Karina Jetten in the final with big numbers: 30-12 in 13 innings, average of 2,07! That ment a new record again, not only for herself, but also for world womenbilliards. 

Klompenhouwer showed great billiards at the last 2 days of the tournament and never doubt anyone that she is the best. She played 2 games above the 2 average, with spectacular play in the final. With this title Klompenhouwer has showed that she is ready for the World Championship in Japan later this month. "I feld so strong," told the 5-times Dutch champion after the final. "My semi final wasn't that good and then you have to 'charge' yourself for the final again. I did that perfectly, I feld strong and confidence. I almost manage to win in just 11 innings, I made a run of 7 and missed my 8th point just by a hair!" A great tournament and result for Klompenhouwer, with 2 new records......

De eindstand

1 Therese Klompenhouwer 1.064

2 Karina Jetten 0.683

3 Monique van Hamond 0.591

en Sylvia Eckel 0.451

5, 6, 7 en 8:

Gerrie Geelen 0.554

Anja Wijnen 0.482

Loes van Dansik 0.451

Hanny Hultermans 0.343.

30-10-'12 Dutch championship women starts this weekend

This Friday the National championship 3cushion for women will start in Oosterhout. 16 women will participate and try to win the National title. Therese Klompenhouwer is the current Dutch Champion. The opening will be this Friday the 2nd of November at 13.00 hour. At 13.30 the games will start. On Saturday the 3rd of November the games will start at 12.00 hour. On Sunday the 4th of November the semi-finals will be played at 12.00 and 13.30 hour and the final will follow at 15.00 hour. Adres of Camping 'De Eekhoorn': Seterseweg 4, Oosterhout. For information and results go to www.fanclub-thereseklompenhouwer.com or www.knbb.nl.

22-10-'12 Playerslist World Championship women published

The playerslist of the upcoming World Championship women is published on the website of the UMB. Only 6 women from Europe will participate, which will be 3 from Holland: Monique van Hamond, Karina Jetten and European champion Therese Klompenhouwer. The other 3 are Marianne Mortensen from Denmark, Helga Mitterbock from Austria and Gulsen Degener from Turkey. The USA is sending Ester Park and Korea is sending Kyung Hui Oh, Suh Ah Park and Ji Hyun Park. The organizing country is sending 6 players: Kazumi Hida, Yuko Nishimoto, Ayaka Fukumoto, Namiko Hayashi, Natsumi Higashiuchu and current World Champion Orie Hida. The tournament is from the 21st of November until the 23rd of November in Tokyo, Japan.

11-10-'12 Leading role for Orie Hida in short film about World Championship ladies

Japan published a nice short film with Orie Hida in the leading role, to promote the World Championship Ladies, which is coming up this November. Orie is giving a short interview. To watch the film, go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2miA5bsvzrA . For information about the tournament go to http://www.worldchampionshipladies-3cushion.net.

08-10-'12 Therese 9th at Grand Prix in Oosterhout

Therese Klompenhouwer took the 9th place at the last Grand Prix in Oosterhout, wich was played last weekend. She only lost against Raimond Burgman in the group, the other 2 games against Wim van de Berg and Wiljan van den Heuvel, she managed to win. She became 2nd in her group, with a general average of 1,161. In the 1/8 final she had to play against Barry van Beers. It was a game from a high level, but Van Beers was the better player and he beat Therese with 40-33 in 20 innings. Therese took the 9th place with a general average of 1,254.

27-07-'12 Klompenhouwer will play again in 3 different competitions next season

Therese Klompenhouwer will be playing in 3 different competitions next season, just like last year. In Belgium she will play for BC Deurne 2, in the 3rd class. In Germany she stay's with her team from last year BSC Salzgitter/Langendamm in de 2nd Bundesliga. And in Holland she moved from the Eredivision in Amsterdam to the 1st Division in Sluiskil. She will play for Garage Verbrugge Hyundai. Her season will start at 25 and 26 of August. That weekend she will play with her team in Germany for the German Cup.

06-05-'12 World Championship 3cushion women moved to 21-23 November

The world championship 3cushion for women is officialy moved to 21-23 November. This is also confirmed by the UMB. The old date was 21-23 of December. The WC will be played in Tokyo, Japan. Current Dutch and European Champion Therese Klompenhouwer already qualified for the WC. For the other places the Dutch women need to play play-offs: Karina Jetten, Gerrie Geelen, Monique van Hamond and Ineke Kooistra will be playing the play-offs, which will be on the 17th of May in St. Oedenrode, Holland. The first games will start at 12.00 hour. All women will play one game against eachother, to 30 points with no limit of innings. The winner of the play-offs will be the second woman, after Therese Klompenhouwer, who will be inscriped for the World Championship in Japan.

16-04-'12 World Championship women moved to November

The world championship for women, what supposed to be played from 21-23 of December, has been moved to 2-4 of November. Organisor Ryuji Umeda said this, but it hasn't been confirmed by the UMB yet.

23-01-'12 Therese Klompenhouwer nr. 11 at the Dutch Masters

15 men and 1 woman were qualified for the Dutch Masters Championship, the National championship of Holland. That woman is Therese Klompenhouwer. She started on Thursday against Jean van Erp. A difficult start for Klompenhouwer and she lost with 3-0 in sets. Her second game was much better and she beats Huub Wilkowski with 3-0 in sets. Klompenhouwer still had chance to go to the Quarter finals, but then she had to win against Dave Christiani, a good player who is almost every year with the best 8. Christiani played his best game of the tournament and beats Klompenhouwer with 3-0. " I know that it is difficult to be with the best 8, but I was already happy and proud I was with the best 16. After 2 Grand Prix tournaments I was on the 25th place. The other 2 tournaments I played much better and I played myself in the Quarter finals, so I was ranked at the 15th place after the 4 Grand Prix tournaments. So I was qualified for the Nationals. My goal was to get higher ranked then last year and I did. Last year I was 12 and now I am 11, so I am happy with it." The national champion wasn't a surprise. Dick Jaspers was far out the best and he won against Raimond Burgman in the final with 3-0 in sets. On the 3rd place were Jean van Erp and Glenn Hofman. For all the results go to 

12-12-'11 Therese Klompenhouwer highest ranked lady at the World Cup in Hurghada,Egypt
Joke Breur, Sylvia Eckel, Monique van Hamond and Kyung Hee Oh also compete

Five ladies competed last week at the World Cup in Hurghada, Egypt. Four Dutch ladies: Joke Breur, Sylvia Eckel, Monique van Hamond and Therese Klompenhouwer and one from South-Korea: Kyung Hee Oh. Klompenhouwer was the highest ranked lady. She started on the third day, Tuesday, and managed to be the number one of her group with one win and one lost game. In the Qualification round she lost 2 times against two Turkish players Lütfi Cenet and the final winner of the tournament Adnan Yücksel. Monique van Hamond started on day one and lost one game en won the other game, but ended as number 2 in her group, so she was out. Sylvia Eckel, Joke Breur and Kyung Hee Oh started all 3 on day two and all 3 were out on that same day. Ranking of the ladies: Monique van Hamond 109, Kyung Hee Oh 103, Joke Breur 102, Sylvia Eckel 99 and Therese Klompenhouwer 49. 128 competitors during this tournament. For all results go to www.umb.org.

03-12-'11 Groups for Dutch Masters known

The groups for the Dutch Masters are known.
Group A: Dick Jaspers, Barry van Beers, Ad Koorevaar and Jeffrey Jorissen
Group B: Jean van Erp, Dave Christiani, Huub Wilkowski and Therese Klompenhouwer
Group C: Raimond Burgman, Glenn Hofman, Jan Arnouts and Herman Slikker
Group D: Jean-Paul de Bruijn, Martien van der Spoel, Harrie van de Ven and Tom Beemsterboer
The Masters will take place from 19-22 January 2012 in community centre "De Vroone" in Kapelle.
Adress: C.D. Vereekstraat 74, 4421 CE, Kapelle-Holland.

15-11-'11 Therese Klompenhouwer qualified for Dutch Masters

Last weekend Therese Klompenhouwer qualified herself for the Dutch Masters tournament, the Dutch Championship for men. Klompenhouwer ended on the 15th place, after 4 Grand Prix tournaments. Until last week Klompenhouwer was on the 16th place and at the last Grand Prix she had to play against her biggest competitor Frans van Schaik, who was on the 17th place with only 2 points behind Klompenhouwer. Klompenhouwer won the game after a tough fight with 50-48 in 68 innings. She also won her second game against Wilco van Wijk with 50-38 in 55 innings, so she was qualified for the Masters. In the 1/8 final she surprised everyone by a great victory against Ad Broeders with 50-38 in 44 innings. In the quarter final she was leading against the number 2 of Holland Raimond Burgman, for a long time, but at the end he was the better player and she lost with 50-48 in 42 innings. Klompenhouwer:"My goal was to qualify myself for the Dutch Masters and I did, so I'm happy."

07-11-'11 Therese Klompenhouwer Dutch Champion women for the 4th time in a row

Therese Klompenhouwer won the Dutch Championship women this weekend for the 4th time in a row. Klompenhouwer beat Karina Jetten in the final with 30-21 in 29 innings. Klompenhouwer had a bad start of the tournament, because she didn't play her best game, but she managed to win all of her 3 games in the group. In the Quarter final she won against Ineke Kooistra with 30-20 in 34 innings. On the Finalday Klompenhouwer played her best game. In the Semi final she had no problems with Monique van Hamond. She won 30-10 in just 23 innings. Before the break the score was 16-8 in 20 innings. After the break Klompenhouwer needed just 3 more innings for the other 14 points. She made runs of 4, 2 and 8. Karina Jetten won against Gerrie Geelen in the other Semi final, so the final between Jetten and Klompenhouwer was a fact. Jetten knew a great start in the final and was leading 12-4 in 7 innings. Klompenhouwer got back in the game and after 15-14 in 16 innings, she managed to turn the game around and she beat Jetten with 30-21 in 29 innings. For the 4th time in a row Klompenhouwer can call herself the best female player of Holland.


Winner Therese Klompenhouwer, next to the runner-up Karina Jetten and the numbers 3 Monique van Hamond and Gerrie Geelen. ( from right to left )

26-10-'11 Dutch Championship Women 3cushion 4-6 November in Oosterhout

The Dutch Championship Women 3cushion will be played between the 4th and 6th of November. 16 women will be playing for the National Championship. They will play in groups of 4. The current Dutch champion Therese Klompenhouwer is in Group A, together with Conny van de Linden, Joke Breur and Mieke Schenkels. Group B: Anja Wijnen, Hanny Hultermans, Marlous de Graaf and Sylvia Eckel. Group C: Gerrie Geelen, Ineke Kooistra, Sharon van Dijk and Anneke Groenewoud. Group D: Monique van Hamond, Karina Jetten, Celina Wolfs and Loes van Dansik. The tournament will be played in BV De Eekhoorn, Seterseweg 4 in Oosterhout. The games will start at 13.00 hour on Friday. 

26-09-'11 8th place for Therese Klompenhouwer in 3rd Elite Grand Prix
Jean van Erp winner

Therese Klompenhouwer did a good job this weekend in the 3rd Elie Grand Prix, by taking the 8th place. Klompenhouwer won both of her games in the group, by winning against Adrie Demming (50-44 in 58 innings) and Wim van de Berg (50-39 in 37 innings). After that she beat Glenn Hofman in the 1/16 finals, with 50-44 in 48 innnings. In the quarter final she lost against Barry van Beers with 50-43 in 47 innings. Van Beers amazed everyone, by beating the number 1 of the World, Dick Jaspers in the semi-final, with 50-46 in just 26 innings. Other finalist was Jean van Erp, who managed to beat Raimond Burgman with penalty's, after a tie of 50-50 in 39 innings. Jean van Erp won the final without any problems against Barry van Beers with 50-29 in 26 innings. After 3 Grand Prix's, Dick Jaspers is the leading man, followed by Jean van Erp. Therese Klompenhouwer made a big jump from place number 25 to place 16. With one more Grand Prix to go, it is still possible for her to make it into the Masters. The last Grand Prix will be played 10-13 of November.

19-09-'11 3rd Dutch Elite Grand Prix starts this Thursday in Amsterdam

This Thursday the 3rd Dutch Elite Grand Prix will start in Amsterdam. The numbers 2 and 3 of Holland, Raimond Burgman and Jean van Erp will start on Thursday. The only female player in de Elite Grand Prix, Therese Klompenhouwer, will start on Friday. The same as the number 1 on the World Rankinglist Dick Jaspers. For the whole schedule go to: www.knbb.nl/driebanden/619/%20/

16-08-'11 Again European title for Klompenhouwer 

Again Therese Klompenhouwer has won the European Championship Ladies 3cushion, last weekend in Lille, France. She won the title for the 4th time in a row. Klompenhouwer is the absolute champion since 2005 and nobody seems to be able to beat her. Klompenhouwer won all of her games and didn't lost a set in the whole tournament. She played a general average of 1,021. In the Semi final she played her best game against Karina Jetten, also from Holland: 12-3 in 9 innings and 12-9 in 7 innings, what gave her an average of 1,500. In the final she beat Danielle Le Bruyn from Belgium with 12-8 and 12-2. Because of her title, Klompenhouwer keeps the A status from the Dutch Olympic Federation.

09-08-'11 European Championship Ladies starts this Friday

The European championship ladies 3cushion starts this Friday in Lille, France and will take place until Sunday 14 of August. Therese Klompenhouwer will defend her title for the 3th time and is again the big favourite this year. Klompenhouwer won the first 3 European Championships and she hopes to also win the title this year. Klompenhouwer: "The competition gets stronger every year and I am aware of that. Of course there is going to be a time, that somebody else will win the title, but I hope that I can postpone that moment as long as possible. I feel good and I have good confidence." The groups are: Group A, 1.Therese Klompenhouwer, 2. Danielle Le Bruyn, 3. Marianne Mortensen, 4. Michaela Esser. Group B: 1. Gerrie Geelen, 2. Helga Mitterbock, 3. Maria Isabel Romia, 4. Celine Jacques. Group C: 1. Karina Jetten, 2. Jeannette Jensen, 3. Natascha Al Mamar, 4. Christine Morel. Group D: 1. Gulsen Degener, 2. Anja Wijnen, 3. Julie Dechamps, 4. Jamie Buelens. The tournament starts Friday 12 of August at 14.00 hour. For more info go to 
www.eurobillard.org or www.fanclub-thereseklompenhouwer.com.

02-08-'11 Therese Klompenhouwer wins USBA Women's Open Tournament

Therese Klompenhouwer has won the USBA Women's Open Tournamentt in the Carom Café, in New York, USA. Klompenhouwer was undefeated. Gerrie Geelen, also from The Netherlands became surprisely 2nd, just before the World Champion Orie Hida, from Japan. The 3rd Dutch player, Karina Jetten ended on the 5th place, just behind the Korean player Bora Jeong. For more info and all results go to: www.professorqball.com
Klompenhouwer also played in the USBA Carom Café Open Tournament, which just started after the women's tournament. She was the only female player and she ended on the 15th place. Glenn Hofman, also from The Netherlands, played a great tournament and became 3rd.  

20-07-'11 Carom Café Women's Tournament (New York,USA) starts this Sunday

The Women's tournament in the Carom Café in New York, USA, will start this Sunday, the 24th of July. The tournament will take place for 3 days and is just before the yearly Carom Café Open Tournament, which will start on Thursday 28th of July until Sunday 31st of July. One of the competitors in the Women's tournament is the World Champion Orie Hida from Japan. Also European Champion Therese Klompenhouwer from the Netherlands, will compete. Also the numbers 2 and 3 of Europe, Karina Jetten and Gerrie Geelen will be in New York to compete in the tournament. They are also both from the Netherlands. The 'hope' of the USA is Mercedes Gonzales. She is the number 1 of the United States. There will be 9 women competing in this tournament. They will play round robin to 25 points, with no limit of innings. For more information you can go to www.usba.net. Most of the games will also be live streamed on www.caromtv.com.  Pay attention for the time differents.

04-07-'11 French Championship Women 3cushion: 19 years old Julie Dechamps Champion of France

The just 19 years old Julie Dechamps has won the National title in 3cushion for women, this weekend in Schiltigheim,France. She took over the title from Céline Jacques, who ended on the 3rd place this year in the 3cushion championship, but she díd won the National title in Free game. Christine Morel ended on the 2nd place in the 3cushion championship. The champion Julie Dechamps and the number 2 Christine Morel, will be both participate at the European Championship, which will be held this Summer from 12-14 of August, in their homecountry France, in the city of Lille. Dechamps won the title with a general average of 0,451 and Christine Morel had a general average of 0,431. For all results go to www.kozoom.com.

18-06-'11 Dutch Delegation for European Championship 3cushion Ladies known
Gerrie Geelen wins the Play-Offs ladies

Gerrie Geelen has won the Play-Offs for Ladies last weekend in Sint Oedenrode, Holland. These Play-Offs were ment to define which player, next to European Champion Therese Klompenhouwer, will be sent to the European Championship ladies, which will be held from 12 until 14 of August in Lille, France. The 4 players who played the Play-Offs were: Anja Wijnen, Gerrie Geelen, Karina Jetten and Monique van Hamond. All players played 1 game vs eachother. Geelen won her first and second game vs. Van Hamond and Wijnen. Wijnen won her first game vs. Jetten with big numbers: 30-14 in 35 innings. Jetten won her second game vs. Van Hamond. So before the last game Gerrie Geelen was leading with 4 points and an average of 0,585, Anja Wijnen was second with 2 points and an average of 0,631 and Karina Jeten third with 2 points and an average of 0,601. Van Hamond, with 0 points, had no chance to qualify anymore. So it was excited and stunning until the last game. On both tables it was a close finish: Geelen wins vs Jetten with 30-29 in 57 innings and van Hamond wins vs. Anja Wijnen with 30-26 in 75 innings. So Holland will sent the next ladies, in this rank to the EC: 1. Therese Klompenhouwer, 2. Gerrie Geelen, 3. Karina Jetten. Normaly 2 ladies will represent Holland, but there is a good change that 3 ladies will represent Holland on the EC. It depends of the subscriptions from the other countries.

30-05-'11 Maribel Romia wins Spanish Championship Ladies

Last weekend Maribel Romia won the Spanish Championship 3cushion Ladies. She beat Estela Cardoso in the final. Romia lost just one game, vs. Marta Serramitjana, by just one point. The other games she didn't had any trouble winning. Serramitjana became the number 4th of the Championship. On 3rd place is Ana Maria Clérico, 5th place Eva Julia and 6th place Susana Riera. Romia played a general average of 0,493. For all results go to cuarentaentrece.blogspot.com/2011/05/campeonato-de-espana-femenino-tres_27.html 

20-04-'11 Gerrie Geelen promoted to A-Ranking

Gerrie Geelen has promoted to the A-Ranking. She won her group in the B-Ranking without any problems. Geelen will be the only woman in the A-Ranking, until now. Another big name in female 3cushion, Karina Jetten, was number 6 in her group, also in the B-Ranking. She didn't promote to the A-Ranking and will play next year again in the B-Ranking. Dutch champion Therese Klompenhouwer is playing in the Elite-Ranking, the highest ranking, and she is the number 25 of this moment, after one tournament.

30-03-'11 Belgium League: National title for BC Deurne

This week were the decisions in the Belgium League. BC Deurne was leading, by 4 points on KBC Zanzibar, with only 2 games left to play. Yesterday they could finish the job in Emblem, but it was not necessary. Last Monday Zanzibar lost by 5-3 vs Herentals, which made BC Deurne champion of Belgium. Despite of that, Deurne won again with 6-2 yesterday, vs Op de Meir. The succesful team,excisting out of the players Eddy Merckx, Jef Philiphoom, Davy van Havere, Therese Klompenhouwer and Ludo Dielis, will play their last game on the 12th of April and then they will celebrate their championship in Merksem.

28-03-'11 Dutch League: V/d Broek Biljarts Amsterdam champion in 1st division

The team of V/d Broek Biljarts Amsterdam has succesfully won the championship in the first division, group 1. Last Saturday they won with 8-0 vs Melis Handelsonderneming, which was enough to win the title. Next year the team will play in the Eredivisie. The team will probably stay the same next season. Frans van Schaik, Jeffrey Jorissen, In won Kang and Therese Klompenhouwer allready signed for next year, they are only still waiting for Haengjik Kim to sign.

16-03-'11 Belgium League: BC Deurne smells title

After yesterday, the team of BC Deurne 1 is again a little bit closer to the National title. The team from Merksem won their game last Monday vs. Biljart Express with 8-0 and a teamaverage of 1,572. Their direct rival, the team of KBC Zanzibar lost in Lier with 6-2, vs the team of Mister 100. This means that BC Deurne is now a head with 4 points, with only 3 games left to play and 6 points to earn. This Monday Deurne has to play in Merksem vs Kon. Kortrijkse B.C. If Deurne wins, they are only 1 point away from the championship.

14-03-'11 Van den Broek Biljarts Amsterdam takes over record from Schuler Cues

The team of V/d Broek Biljarts Amsterdam played an amazing game yesterday vs. the number last in group 1 of the first Division in Holland, SNIP Biljarts. They won with 8-0 and played a temaverage of 1,512, which gave them the new teamrecord which was in hands of Schuler Cues, who played a teamaverage of 1,417 earlier this season. V/d Broek had a very easy 4-0 lead in the first round. Therese Klompenhouwer had no problems with Perry Tuin and won with 45-13 in 35 innings, which gave her an average of 1,285. Also Frans van Schaik didn't had any problems with Dirk Snip and also won with 45-25 in 31 innings, an average of 1,451 for Van Schaik. Haengjik Kim and Jeffrey Jorissen had to play vs. Hans Handgraaf and menno de Vries in de second round. Both Kim and Jorissen won easy, Kim with 45-22 in 27 innings, which gave him an average of 1,666. Jorissen played the best game of the day and won 45-18 in just 26 innings, an average of 1,730 for Jorissen. The team of V/d Broek Biljarts is now leading with 3 points. Numbers 2 and 3 are Schuler Cues and V/d Sanden.

01-03-'11 Belgium League: BC Deurne lost a point

Last night BC Deurne lost a point vs. BC Lugo. De Leaders from Merksem played 4-4. Only Eddy Merckx and Jef Philiphoom won their games. Merckx won vs. Martin Spoormans with 50-34 in 30 innings. Philiphoom had a great escape vs. Henk Habraken and won with 50-48 in 35 innings. Philiphoom was behind with 26-43, but then made his last 24 points in just 6 innings and managed to rescue a point for his team. Davy van Havere had no change vs. Eric Hendrickx and lost with 42-22 in 23 innings. Also Therese Klompenhouwer lost vs. Jean van Erp with 35-42 in 36 innings. The number 2 of the Belgium League, KBC Zanzibar won vs. Biljart Express with 2-6 and are now only 2 points behind BC Deurne.

28-02-'11 Belgium League: BC Deurne tonight vs. BC Lugo
German League: GT-Buer wins vs. BSG Duisburg

The leader of the Belgium League, BC Deurne, has to play vs. BC Lugo tonight in Merksem. BC Deurne had a good victory last week vs. the number 3 of the Belgium League Geox Herentals. They won with 2-6 and are now 6 points in front of Herentals. The number 2 of the league, Zanzibar has to go to Biljart Express tonight. In the German league GT-Buer played in the second Bundesliga vs. Duisburg. The team of Therese Klompenhouwer won with 6-2. Klompenhouwer had a difficult start, but a great end and won her game with 40-27 in 37 innings.

17-02-'11 Klompenhouwer not in main Tournament World Cup, Trabzon
Barry van Beers and Jean van Erp succeed and made it into the main tournament

Therese Klompenhouwer didn't succeed to get into the main tournament for the World Cup in Trabzon, Turkey. Therese didn't play her best game this week, but made it into the Qualification last night, by winning her 2 games with 2-1 in sets and an average of 0,657. Today she was in a very difficult group, together with Nikos Polychronopoulos and Jean Paul de Bruijn. She lost both games with 2-0 in sets and a general average of 0,625. Therese:" I just didn't play well and that's why I played much below my normal average. I had no trust and didn't feel a 100%. That can happen. But I have to forget this and leave it behind me, so I can prepare myself for the game this Monday in the Belgium League." The other Dutch players Jean Paul de Bruijn, Raimond Burgman and Glenn Hofman also didn't make it into the main tournament. Barry van Beers and Jean van Erp are the only 2 players, besides Dick Jaspers, who made it into the main tournament. They both won their 2 games. Van Beers with a general average of 1,688 and outstanding was the performance by Jean van Erp, with a general average of 2,222. The draw for the main tournament is this night at 11.30 pm. For information go to www.umb.org .

10-02-'11 Tomorrow the return between Van Donge en de Roo - v/d Broek Biljarts Amsterdam

Tomorrow night the return between van Donge en de Roo vs. v/d Broek Biljarts Amsterdam will be played in Barendrecht. The first match was an even score of 4-4. The team that wins tomorrow will qualify for the final of the Dutch Cup, which will be played in Zundert. De eerste wedstrijd eindigde in een 4-4 gelijkspel. Degene die morgen wint plaatst zich voor de finale van het Bekertoernooi in Zundert. The games of tomorrow: Jaspers-Kang, Blomdahl-Kim, Jorissen-Horn and van Erp-Klompenhouwer. The games will start at 19.00 hour in Barendrecht.

09-02-'11 Belgium League: B.C. Deurne wins vs. K.B.C. Zanzibar with 3-5

Last Monday the match of the numbers 1 and 2 of the Belgium first League has been played in Leuven. B.C. Deurne had the change to take a bigger lead, if they managed to beat K.B.C. Zanzibar. B.C. Deurne took a comfortable lead after the first round with 0-4. Davy van Havere won his game vs. Jimmy Mues with 42-27 in 29 innings and Therese Klompenhouwer won her game vs. Paul Stroobants with 42-37 in 33 innings. In the second round two greatness played against eachother: Roland Forthomme and Eddy Merckx. Roland Forthomme played an amazing game and beat Merckx with 50-26 in just 11 innings! The match between Dave Christiani and Jef Philiphoom was  a thriller. Christiani had a very comfortable lead of 43-49, but failed to make his last point. Finaly Jef Philiphoom finished as first in 41 innings and brought B.C. Deurne the victory. Christiani managed to make his last point in the equalizing inning, but lost a point for his team. Because of this important victory, B.C Deurne is now leading by 3 points.

01-02-'11 Belgium League: B.C. Deurne only front runner

B.C. Deurne has done some good business yesterday in the 14th round of the Belgium National League. The team from Merksem won with 6-2 vs. B.C. Quality-Zele. Ludo Dielis, Jef Philiphoom and Eddy Merckx all 3 won their games. Only Davy van Havere lost his game. Zanzibar and Herentals both played 4-4 and that makes B.C. Deurne the only front runner. They are leading 1 point by Zanzibar and 4 points by Herentals. The numbers 1 and 2 are playing against eachother next week.

31-01-'11 Van den Broek Biljarts Amsterdam loses 1 point

The Dutch 1st division team v/d Broek Biljarts Amsterdam, has lost one point last weekend. The formation from Amsterdam played 3 games this weekend. All 3 games were moved, because 3 players of the team have to play World Cups. The team won both games on Saturday vs. de Vrachtkar 2 and Melis Handelsonderneming with 2-6. On Sunday they had to play vs. the number 4 of the 1st division de Eekhoorn. After a 2-2 tie in the first round, the second round would be very exciting and it even looked like van den Broek would lose with 6-2. In won Kang won his game in the first round, but Haengjik Kim lost. In the second round Frans van Schaik could not win his game vs. John Roovers. Therese Klompenhouwer took care of 1 point, by winning her game vs. Rini Boeren. Both In won Kang and Therese Klompenhouwer standout this weekend. They both won their 3 games, Kang with averages of 1,406 , 1,406 and 0,865 and Klompenhouwer with averages of 1,153 , 1,363 en 1,071. Van den Broek is leading the rankinglist, 5 points by the number 2 Schuler Cues, only van den Broek played 2 more games.

25-01-'11 Belgium League: Both front runners win

As well as B.C. Deurne as K.B.C. Zanzibar have won their matches yesterdag in the Belgium National League, so they still share the first place. Both teams have played 13 games and have 21 points, only Zanzibar has more gamepoints. At B.C. Deurne Philiphoom, van Havere and Klompenhouwer managed to win their games. Only the leader of the team, Eddy Merckx lost his game vs. Frédéric Caudron. K.B.C. Zanzibar had a great victory vs. Eeklose with 8-0. Standout was the game of Roland Forthomme, who made his 50 points, vs. Steven van Acker, in only 16 innings! An outstanding average of 3,125.  For more results go to kbbb-frbb.be.

24-01-'11 Belgium League: Tonight B.C. Deurne 1 vs. B.C. Kasteeldreef

Tonight and tomorrow is the 13th round of the National Belgium 1st League. There will be some nice matches tonight in Merksem. The number 2 of the World Players List, Frédéric Caudron vs. the number 4 of the World Players List and Belgium Champion Eddy Merckx. Also at the second place of the teams will be a great match between the numbers 14 and 15 of the World, Jef Phiipoom vs. Eddy Leppens. Davy van Havere is playing vs. Peter Duytschaever and the only female player in the Belgium first League, Therese Klompenhouwer, is playing vs. Piet Rodts. The team of B.C. Deurne with Merckx, Philiphoom, van Havere and Klompenhouwer (and Dielis) share their first place with K.B.C. Zanzibar. Zanzibar is also playing tonight vs. K. Eeklose B.C., who are fighting against degradation.

14-12-'10 Good performance Klompenhouwer in Egypt, 4 Dutch ladies compete in World Cup

4 Dutch ladies competed in the World Cup in Hurghada, Egypt last week: Joke Breur, Monique van Hamond, Sylvia Eckel and Therese Klompenhouwer. Monique van Hamond started on the first day of the tournament and won 1 game and lost the other one. Unfortunately it was not enough to qualify for the next round. She played an average of 0,545. Joke Breur started on the second day and lost both of her games with an average of 0,453. Sylvia Eckel started on the third day and also lost both of her games with an average of 0,380. Therese Klompenhouwer started one round before the main tournament. She was in a very difficult group with Tonny Carlsen and Dong Gung Kang. Also Therese lost both of her games, but played a very strong game vs. Carlsen en played a very high average of 1,232. She become 49th of 128 competitors. Eckel on the 79th place , Breur on the 101st place and van Hamond on the 115th place. Winner of the World cup in Egypt is Filipos Kasidakostas from Griekenland.

22-11-'10 Therese Klompenhouwer again Dutch champion 3cushion Ladies

Therese Klompenhouwer has succesfully defended her Dutch title 3cushion Ladies in Eibergen, Holland, this weekend. She won all of her games and was far away the best player. She beat Anja Wijnen in the final, who played a very good tournament and surprisely made it into the final. Klompenhouwer had a strong average of 0,942 untill the final. The final was a very difficult match. Because of good defence from Anja Wijnen, Wijnen took the lead with 14-19. But Klompenhouwer stayed strong and managed to turn around the game and she won the final with 30-21 in 52 innings. Klompenhouwer has a general average of 0,842, Wijnen 0,463. Gerrie Geelen and Monique van Hamond share the 3rd place, Geelen played 0,557 and van Hamond 0,578. For all the results go to www.knbb.nl
 or www.fanclub-thereseklompenhouwer.com.

16-11-'10 Dutch Championship 3cushion Ladies starts this Thursday

The Dutch championship 3cushion for Ladies will start this Thursday the 18th of November. 16 ladies will compete together for the Dutch title in Eibergen. The Dutch champion of last year, Therese Klompenhouwer, will start vs. Celina Wolfs at 12.00 pm. Also Karina Jetten will start vs. Karin Knegt on the other table. For more information about the Dutch championship (schedule, time table) you can go to www.fanclub-thereseklompenhouwer.com/index.php (Translation possible, click in the right corner of the page)

29-10-'10 Michaela Esser Champion of Germany

Last weekend Michaela Esser won the German championship 3cushion ladies, in Bad Wildungen. She beat Vanessa Reibenspies in the final. Esser won with 7 points and a general average of 0,392. Reibenspies scored 6 points and a general average of 0,378. The 3rd place went to Angelika Hessedenz who also scored 6 points and played a general average of 0,318.

Teams Therese Klompenhouwer are doing ok

The teams of Therese Klompenhouwer are doing ok in the competitions. Her team of Van den Broek Biljarts in the Dutch competition is on the first place of the first division. They played 3 games and won all 3. Therese her highest average is 1,363 in this competition. Her team of GT-Buer in Germany, which is in the 2nd Bundesliga, is on the 7th place. They played 4 games and have 3 points. Therese her highest average in this competition is 0,952. In Belgium her team is on the 5th place, with 5 points out of 5 games. In Holland and Belgium there are 12 teams participating, in Germany 10 teams. Highest average she played is 1,135. General averages after 3 games in all competitions: Holland 1,007, Germany 0,849 and Belgium 0,891.

Therese Klompenhouwer first USBA director delegate

The USBA has appointed Therese Klompenhouwer of The Netherlandsas as its first director delegate. She will be responsible for promotion of the USBA from Europethrough offering USBA memberships, for giving her perspective as a European to the USBA, and for working on promotion of women's billiards in the United States. She does not have voting rights and can be offered acces to certain subjects on the USBA Board forum if invited by any directors.

27-09-'10 Van den Broek Biljarts Amsterdam wins with teamaverage of 1,333

The team Van den Broek Biljarts Amsterdam has booked a great victory yesterday in the Dutch competition, 1st division.They won with 8-0 van Capelle 1/TMS Int. and played a team average of 1,334. The Korean InWon Kang made his 45 points in 33 innings, Jeffrey Jorissen 45 in 31 innings, Frans van Schaik 45 in 38 innings and Therese Klompenhouwer 45 in 33 innings. This is the highest team average of the 1st division this season, till now. The competition is only 3 games on it's way, but it will be a difficult job for the other teams to beat this average. Van den Broek Biljarts Amsterdam is leading in group 1 of the 1st division, with 6 points out of 3 games.

13-09-'10 Therese Klompenhouwer 12th at the Dutch Masters

Therese Klompenhouwer, the only female-player at the Dutch National Master tournament, become surprisely the number 12th of the tournament. Never before a woman managed to qualify herself for the National championship the Dutch Masters. She now is also the first woman who qualified herself for the best 16! " My average wasn't good, but I fought, because I wanted to win so bad. And I won 2 of my 3 games and that was enough to get at the best 16. I lost then from Anno de Kleine with 3-1 in sets. I also didn't play good, but fought again to win one set and it worked. Because of that set I am the number 12. So yes, a good tournament and I'm happy." Dick Jaspers became Dutch champion. He won the final from Raimond Burgman. Jean van Erp and Ad Broeders are the numbers 3.

07-09-'10 Natascha Al Mamar the new champion of Austria

Natascha Al Mamar is the new champion of Austria, ladies 3cushion. She won the final by Ingrid Englbrecht. Natascha took the title from Helga Mitterböck, who was the number 3 of this year.

30-08-'10 Dutch Championship Ladies 3cushion from 19-21 November in Eibergen

The Dutch Championship Ladies 3cushion will be organised from 19-21 November in Eibergen, Holland. 16 women will compete and the 8 finalists of last year are already qualified for the finals. The other 8 women will come from the qualification rounds. There will be played by sets to 12 points. Therese Klompenhouwer will defend her title.

11-08-'10 Good Tournament for Klompenhouwer in New York, but no finals

Therese Klompenhouwer participated last week in a tournament in New York, USA. It was the former tournament of the Sang Lee Memorial. The tournament is a little bit smaller now, but still 32 people played the tournament. There were 4 groups of 8. Klompenhouwer had a very difficult group wit 2 ex-champions of the US: Hugo Patino and Sonny Cho. And with the champion of the Us this year: Jae Cho. Klompenhouwer beat Patino and Sonny Cho with 2 great games, but lost to Jae Cho. She also lost 2 other games, so she did not made it into the finals. ''I had a great week and I played very well. I played a lot of billiards ánd I had the change to see a lot from the city, what do I want more?!" she say's with a smile.

26-07-'10 Groups composed for Dutch Masters Tournament

The section 3cushion of Holland composed the groups for the upcoming Dutch Masters Tournament, which will be played from 8 until 12 September in Nijverdal, Holland. Therese has to play on 9 and 10 September.

Group A: Dick Jaspers, Jeffrey van Nijnatten, Arie Weijenburg and Clemie van Wanrooij
Group B: Raimond Burgman, Erik Vijverberg, Peter Vlaar and Bert van Manen
Group C: Glenn Hofman, Ad Koorevaar, Ben Velthuis and Herman Slikker
Group D: Jean van Erp, Jean-Paul de Bruijn, Jan Arnouts and Ruud Hölscher
Group E: Barry van Beers, Dave Christiani, Sander Jonen and Wim van den Berg
Group F: Anno de Kleine, Dave van Geel, Tom Beemsterboer and Harrie van de Ven
Group G: Ad Broeders, Rob Lamboo, Kees Wittens and Henk Habraken
Group H: Frans van Schaik, Arno Peterson, Frank Martens and Therese Klompenhouwer

No Main Tournament for Klompenhouwer in WC Porto

Therese Klompenhouwer did not manage to get in the main Tournament of the World Cup in Porto, Portugal. She started on Wednesday and won both of her games. On Thursday she started her first game against Jae Ho Cho from Korea. She booked a good victory and won 2-0 in sets with an average of 1,200. The second game she had to play against Eddy Leppens from Belgium. She lost 2-1 in sets with again a good average of 1,227. She became number 36 of this World Cup. The other 2 female players, Joke Breur and Sylvia Eckel were already out of the tournament on Monday and Tuesday.

26-05-'10 Therese Klompenhouwer promoted to the Ducht Masters

Therese Klompenhouwer promoted for the second time to the Dutch Masters, which will be played in September. Klompenhouwer became the number 3 in the A-Ranking, the first six of the A-Ranking promote to the Masters. Last year Klompenhouwer was reserve for the Masters, but someone signed out, so she could play. This year she classiefied herself directly and with conviction. Klompenhouwer: "For me this is a sign that I play better then last year. Maybe not by average, but for sure mentaly." Klompenhouwer intents the last Ranking tournament, where she did not play well, but managed to make it into the semi-final.

27-04-'10 Therese Klompenhouwer going to Amsterdam; New team 1st division in Osdorp

Therese Klompenhouwer is not going to play in Doornenburg next season, but in Amsterdam. Klompenhouwer is making the change, because owner of Billiard and Dart in Osdorp, Sander Jonen, is making a new team in the 1st division. The intention is to get promoted to the Eeredivision ( highest class in Holland ) in 2 years or less. Next to Klompenhouwer, also Frans van Schaik ( number 8 in Holland ) and Brian Zola Hansen ( Danish champion ) will be playing in this team next season, which will be sponsored by Van den Broek Billiards. They are still busy with contracting a number 4 to the team. Klompenhouwer: " It is going to be a strong team and a team where I will soon feel good in. A new challenge for me and I'm really looking forward to it."

01-04-'10 Therese Klompenhouwer nr. 4 at A-Ranking

Therese Klompenhouwer is, after 2 tournaments, the number 4 on the A-Ranking List. She got into the semi-final in the second tournament, which was in Amsterdam. She lost the semi-final from Riny Zwiers. The first 6 of the A-Ranking list will be qualified for the Masters, the Dutch Championship for men. Therese is 100 points ahead of the number 7 and with one tournament to go, she has a good change to get into the Masters.

09-03-'10 Gülsen Degener wins first National Tournament in Turkey

Gülsen Degener has won the first tournament for the National championship in Belek, Turkey. She was much better then the rest and had no problems winning all of her games, with a general average of 0,810. Second is Gülhan Günal and third Aysegül Fendi. 4th Duygu özcan, 5th Güzin M. Karakus and 6th Serap Aydin. In Turkey the players play at least 3 tournaments, where they get points for their results. The one who has the most points, after all the tournaments, will be the National Champion of Turkey.

23-02-'10 Estela Cardoso champion of Spain

Estela Cardoso is the new champion of Spain. She won the final against the old champion Maribel Romia with just 1 point: 18-19 in 50 innings. She played an average of 0,532. Maribel Romia become second with an average of 0,430. Number 3 is Ana M. Clérico with an average of 0,293. Number 4 is Ana I. Sanchez with 0,147 and number 5 is Susana Riera with 0,152.

16-02-'10 Klompenhouwer 5th on A-Ranking, game of 2,045 average

Therese Klompenhouwer is the number 5th on the A-Ranking list in Holland. The first ranking tournament was played in Warmenhuizen. In the first game Therese started very well with a game of 45 points in 22 innings, an average of 2,045! Again a new record for Therese. The second game she lost, but she qualified for the 1/16 finals. She lost the 1/16 finals against Herman Slikker with 45-41 in 39 innings. Because of her amazing game of 2,045, which gave her many rankingpoints she is for now the number 5. There are 2 more tournaments to go and the first 6 players of the A-Ranking will play the Dutch Masters, the national championship of Holland.

19-01-'10 Klompenhouwer  nr. 1 on World Rankinglist. Karina Jetten 2nd

Therese Klompenhouwer is the new number 1 on the World Rankinglist Ladies. After her European and Dutch title she knocked off Orie ( Japan) Hida from the first place. Hida went down to the 3rd place. Number 2 on the World Rankinglist is Karina Jetten, who became 2nd at the World-, European- and Dutch championship. Number 4 is Gülsen Degener from Turkey and number 5 is Helga Mitterböck from Austria.

18-01-'10 Daniëlle Le Bruyn Champion of Belgium

Daniëlle Le Bruyn has won the Belgium championship 3cushion ladies last weekend. Le Bruyn won the final against Jaimie Buelens, who won the championship last year. Le Bruyn won the final with 2-0 in sets: 10-4 and 10-4. Le Bruyn also won the title in 2008, but lost the title last year against Buelens. After Le Bruyn and Buelens both won against Françoise Docquer and Karolien Matthijs, Le Bruyn was to strong for Buelens in the final.
Ranking: 1.Daniëlle Le Bruyn 2. Jamie Buelens 3. Karolien Matthijs 4. Françoise Docquer

21-12-'09 Therese Klompenhouwer Dutch Champion Ladies 3cushion 2009

Therese Klompenhouwer has won the Dutch Championship 3cushion ladies, last weekend in Eibergen,Holland. She won the final against Karina Jetten with 25-15 in 25 innings. Jetten started the final as the big favourite for the title, because of her game against Gerrie Geelen. Jetten finished her 25 points in just 10 innings! A new record. But in the final Klompenhouwer was the stronger one. Klompenhouwer: "I am very happy with this title, but also relieved. I had a difficult semi-final against Gerrie Geelen, I managed to win with just 3 points diffirents: 25-22 in 36 innings. And then the final against Karina, who is playing a very good tournament and is in a very good shape. But surprisely the final went not that difficult. I was leading 14-4 in 10 innings and I did not give it away." Karina Jetten was the runner up, Gerrie Geelen and Sylvia Eckel shared the 3th place. Anja Wijnen nr. 5, Monique van Hamond nr. 6, Joke Breur nr. 7 and Daisy Verhoeven nr. 8. Because of Klompenhouwer's Dutch title and the points she received at the World Cup in Egypt, will make her the new number 1 on the World Rankinglist ladies, when it has been updated by the UMB.

19-12-'09 New record for Karina Jetten

Karina Jetten has played a new record during the Dutch championship ladies in Eibergen. Jetten finished her game against Gerrie Geelen of 25 points in just 10 innings and she is the first woman in Holland who played an average above the 2,00 in an official game. The record played by Karina Jetten stands at 2,500 average and it will be difficult for the other ladies to beat this record. We congratulate Karina with her new record.

25-11-'09 Dutch Championship ladies from 17-20 December

The Dutch championship for women is back on the calender, 5 years after the first and last championship. The tournament will take place from 17-20 December in Eibergen. The championship will be played with 8 or 16 players, this depends on how many inscriptions there will be. The first championship was in December 2004 and was won by Therese Klompenhouwer. If Klompenhouwer will win this year again, she will also be the new number 1 on the World Rankinglist for ladies. This because of her European title and because of all her points in the World Cups. On the 27th of November there will be more news about the Dutch Championship.

27-10-'09 Gloria Abbenath again champion of Germany

Gloria Abbenath is again the National Champion of Germany 3cushion for ladies. Also this year she beat Michaela Esser in the final. Abbenath and Esser both managed to win their games in their groups. Abbenath beat Steffi Träm in the semi-final and Esser won her semi-final against Monika Stark. In the final Abbenath was again to strong for Esser and she won the game with 12-10 in 40 innings.  

24-09-'09 Klompenhouwer 27th in Dutch Masters

Therese Klompenhouwer ended on the 27th place in the Dutch Masters tournament. It was the first time for her on the highest level. She lost her games against Raimond Burgman and Arno Peterson, but she won her game against Tom Beemsterboer. Klompenhouwer ended, with 2 matchpoints, on the 3rd place in her group. " I think I did well for the first time. I can look back at a nice experience and a good tournament." Klompenhouwer did not manage to stay in the Masters, so she will play A-Ranking again this season.

02-09-'09 Klompenhouwer also playing in Dutch Masters

The new billiard season has just started, but it looks to be already a succes for Therese Klompenhouwer. After she won the European Championship for the third time in a row, 2 weeks ago and after she made her débute in the Eredivision last week, which is the highest division in Holland, now she will also play in the Dutch Masters Tournament, the National Championship of Holland. Klompenhouwer was first reserve, but now that Nick Zuijkerbuijk signed out of the tournament, Klompenhouwer will take his place. "It looks like it will never stop", she says with a big smile. " This is already a very good season for me. Become European champion, had my débute in the Eredivision and now the Masters. I am enjoying it very much." Klompenhouwer will start on Wednesday at 12.00 hour against Raimond Burgman. The other 2 players in her Group are Arno Peterson and Tom Beemsterboer. The Dutch Masters will be played in the ZINiN-theater in Nijverdal, Holland, from 7 -13 september 2009.

27-08-'09 Klompenhouwer starts new competition season in Eredivision

Therese Klompenhouwer, who just became European Champion for the third time last weekend, will start her new competition season in the Eredivision. Klompenhouwer is the first reserve-player in the Team of Shuler Cues, which is playing for the first time in the Eredivision. She has to play for Frans de Vos, who is recovering from a neck operation. Klompenhouwer will write history with this game, because she will be the first woman who ever played in the highest division in Holland. Shuler Cues is playing against DMK Nedglas, on Sunday in 't Tapperijke, in Hoeven-Holland. The game will start at 13.00 hour.

04-07-'09 Marianne Mortensen champion of Denmark

The Danish Marianne Mortensen has won for the second time the National Danish championship 3cushion for women in Odense. She played a general average of 0,487. Jeanette Jensen became second with a good general average of 0,687. On the third place we find Carina Frandsen with an average of 0,192.

04-07-'09 Helga Mitterböck champion of Austria

Helga Mitterböck is again the National champion 3cushion for women in Austria. In the final she managed to win from Ingrid Englbrecht. Mitterböck did not loose a game and she had played a general average of 0,384. Ingrid Englbrecht is the runner up with an average of 0,452. Third place is for Samira Mölzer, average of 0,345. Fourth is Natascha Al-Mamar with 0,340, fifth Alexandra Kaiser with 0,260 and sixth Monika Steinberger with 0,308.

23-06-'09 Schedule World Cup Porto

The schedule for the World Cup in Porto, Portugal is officialy published. As we wrote before, we wrote that there would be 5 women, but now that is 4, because the Turkish Gulsen Degener is not on the playerlist anymore. The Dutch Joke Breur will start on Monday the 29th of June, at 10.00 a.m. The other 3 women will start on Tuesday the 30th of June. The Korean Kyunh-Hee Oh will start at 10.00 a.m. European champion Therese Klompenhouwer will be playing at 14.00 and 18.00 p.m. The 3rd Dutch female player, Sylvia Eckel, will play at 16.00 and 20.00 p.m.

Five women at World Cup in Portugal

From the 29th of June until the 5th of July there will take place a World Cup in Matosinhos-Portugal. Next to all the big players like Dick Jaspers and Torbjörn Blomdahl, also five women will be playing in this tournament. They are the Turkish Gulsen Degener, the Korean Kyung Oh Hee and 3 Dutch players Joke Breur, Sylvia Eckel and Therese Klompenhouwer. The date they will start is not prenounced yet, but when we know we will publish it on this site.

02-05-'09 Again French 3cushion title for Céline Jacques

The French champion 3cushion for female is again Céline Jacques. In St. Sebastien sur Loire she managed to win the title again with an average of 0,478. Runner up is the new player Aida Lehbil, with an average of 0,383. Laurence Couralt became the number 3 with an average of 0,322. She also made the highest run of 7.

02-05-'09 New record Therese Klompenhouwer

Therese Klompenhouwer has another record on her name. In the first division in Holland Klompenhouwer played over 22 games an general average of 1,024. She is the first woman who played above the one average over a whole season. Klompenhouwer played 22 games, lost only 5 of them, made 955 points in 932 innings and she just missed 35 points in the whole competition.

22-04-'09 Klompenhouwer in the run for another record

Therese Klompenhouwer is again in the run for a new record. After she already has 3 new records this season, the 4th one is almost there. With one match to go, her average is still above the one, over a whole season! Never in the historie a woman managed to play above the one average in a whole season. Klompenhouwer is playing first division in Holland (45points) and she played 21 games and lost just 5 games. With 31 innings above the one, the new record is born. "There has to be a miracle, if I don't make it to this new record. I won't let that happen!" she says with a smile. This Saturday the last game will be played against A.T.C. Zwart in Doornenburg.

19-03-'09 Amazing game for Klompenhouwer in Belgium competition

The 26 years old European Champion Therese Klompenhouwer played an excellent game yesterday in the Belgium competition. She played against the Belgium player Daniel de Greef and after 11 innings it was 9-1 for Klompenhouwer. Nothing special you may think, but she made her last 25 points in only 8 innings! She won the game with 34-8 in 19 innings! An amazing game and Klompenhouwer scored a general average of 1,789!

07-02-'09 Klompenhouwer wins against Hida in Antwerpen, Belgium

The USBA has appointed Therese Klompenhouwer of the Netherlands as its first director delegate. She will be responsible for promotion of the USBA from Europe through offering USBA memberships, for giving her perspective as a European to the USBA, and for working on promotion of women's billiards in the United States. She does not have voting rights and can be offered access to certain subjects on the USBA Board forum if invited by any directors. For those of you that are not familiar with Therese, she is considered one of the top female 3-cushion players in the world.

27-09-'10 Van den Broek Biljarts Amsterdam wins with team average of 1,334

Last week the Antwerp Billiard Week started on Tuesday the 3rd of February. On Wednesday there was a Ladies Challenge: The World champion Orie Hida against the European champion Therese Klompenhouwer. They played a game best of 5 sets till 7 points. It was a very difficult, but interesting game and Klompenhouwer managed to beat Hida in 4 sets: 3-1. It is the second time those 2 women play against each other. Hida beat Klompenhouwer in the final of the World championship in 2006. Now Klompenhouwer got her revanche and won the second game. "I am very happy with this victorie. It is a good feeling that I can win from the World champion. It does not mean that I am the better player generaly, but that Wednesday I was the better player." The Antwerp Billiard Week ended with a game between Marco Zanetti and Dick Jaspers for the Super cup. They played best of 7 sets till 7 points. Zanetti won with 4-1. Dick Jaspers became Player of the Year.

26-01-'09 Hida vs. Klompenhouwer in Antwerpen

Tuesday 3rd of February the Antwerp Billiard Week will start. On wednesdaynight, at 19.30 hour, there will be played for the Ladies Challenge. That means the World Champion against the European Champion: Hida vs. Klompenhouwer. It will be the second time these two women will meet. The Antwerp Billiard Week will start on Tuesday 3rd of February and will end on Saturday 7th of February.

25-01-'09 Another amazing game by Klompenhouwer in competiton

26 years old Therese Klompenhouwer played another amazing game yesterday in the 1st division of the competition in Holland. Klompenhouwer won her game against Heinz Jacobs from la Plaza, with 45-24 in only 29 innings! Her average was 1,551 and she made a run of 12 points in this game. In December 2008 Klompenhouwer also played a great game. She beat Davy van Havere with 45 point in only 26 innings, which gave her an average of 1,730 and a new record! She made 2 good runs in that game, one of 10 and one of 11. Klompenhouwer has an average of 1,052 after 13 games in the competition and she wins 75% of her games.

22-01-'09 Women not succesful at the World Cup in Sluiskil

The 4 women who participated at the World Cup in Sluiskil, Holland, were all 4 not succesful. Joke Breur and Kyung-Hee Oh both managed too win one game, but they lost the other one and they both did not make it to the next round. Sylvia Eckel and Therese Klompenhouwer both lost their both games and did not make it to the next round.

19-01-'09 Jaimie Buelens Champion of Belgium

Jaimie Buelens is the new champion of Belgium in 3cushion for women. She won the final from Danielle Le Bruyn, who was the champion of last year. The Belgium Championship was played with only 4 women. After Le Bruyn and Buelens both won there other games, they met in the final. Buelens was the strongest and beat Le Bruyn. For Buelens this means not only that she is the new champion of Belgium, but she also won herself a ticket to the European Championship in Denmark, this August.

Jaimie Buelens

18-01-'09 Four women active during WC in Sluiskil, Holland

There will be 4 women who will be active during the World Cup in Sluiskil, Holland. They are Joke Breur, Sylvia Eckel and Therese Klompenhouwer from Holland and Kyung-Hee Oh from Korea. The tournament will start on Monday 19th of January and it will end on Sunday 25th of January. Joke Breur and Kyung-Hee Oh will start against each other on Monday at 10.00 am. Sylvia Eckel will start on Tuesday 12.00 pm. Her opponent is unknown yet. Therese Klompenhouwer will start on Wednesday at 12.00 pm against someone who comes from the Tuesday Qualification. For more information go to : www.umb.org or www.worldcupbilliard.com


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